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No. Name Position
1 Mr. Noppadol Dheerabutrvongkul Chairman of Audit Committee/Independent Director
2 Mr. Santi Niamnil Audit Committee/Independent Director
3 Dr. Pallapa Ruangrong Audit Committee/Independent Director

Duties of the Audit Committee

  1. To ensure that the Company has fairly presented financial reports and fully disclosed information.
  2. To ensure that the Company has the appropriate and effective internal control and internal audit systems maintains the independence of the internal audit system, approves the appointment, transfer, terminate the employment of the Chief of the Internal Audit Unit and other departments responsible for internal audit.
  3. To ensure the Company’s compliance with the Laws related to the Securities and Stock Exchange, the Requirements of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the business of the Company.
  4. To verify the correctness and completeness of the related matters or the matters which could cause conflict of interest.
  5. To verify and give comments on preventive anti-corruption measures in line with the company’s anti-corruption policy. Make sure that these measures are efficient and effective.
  6. To verify the Company’s risk management.
  7. To consider, select, propose, appoint and terminate the employment of any independent person and auditor approved by the Office of Securities and Exchange Commission to perform duty of auditing the company’s account and to offer the consideration of the auditor including attending the meeting with the auditor without the meeting organizing department at least once a year.
  8. To prepare and disclose the report of corporate governance of the Audit Committee publicly in the annual report of the Company signed by the Chairman of the Audit Committee.
  9. To carry out any other tasks .assigned by the Board of the Director as approved by the Audit Committee.
  10. To review the Charter of the Audit Committee as necessary and appropriate at least once a year.
  11. To review the report about the violation of business ethics and company’s regulation
The Charter of Audit Committee Download
No. Name Position
1 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ekachidd Chungcharoen Chairman of Nomination and Compensation Committee/Independent Director
2 Mr. Noppadol Dheerabutrvongkul Nomination and Compensation Committee/Independent Director
3 Mr. Gen.Chaiwat Satondee Nomination and Compensation Committee

Duties and Responsibilities of the Nomination and Compensation Committee

  1. Nomination
    1. To consider the appropriateness of structures and compositions of the Board of Directors and Sub- Committee.
    2. To consider criteria and procedures for recruiting qualified candidates to a director and the executive management positions, comply with Corporate Governance best practice.
    3. To consider the selection of qualified directors according to the criteria and procedure of nomination of directors, sub-committee and executive management proposed to the Shareholders’ Meeting or the Board of Director, depending on the composition of the Board, knowledge, ability and experience that are beneficial to the company business.
    4. To provide development plan, knowledge and skill in directorship continuous, provide an orientation new director to know deeply information related to business operation and related regulatory.
    5. To review the succession plan for the board and top management.
  2. Compensation
    1. Stipulate regulations and review remuneration structure of the Board of Directors, the Sub-Committees by proposing to the Board of Directors to approve and proposed to the meeting of the shareholders for approval.
    2. Determine the evaluation regulations and remuneration for top management by proposing to the Board of Directors to approve
    3. Consider conditions of the issuance of new securities as appropriate and provide approval upon the Company’s issuance of new securities to the Directors or staff and when the Directors or staffs receive the new securities of more than (five) 5% of the total allotted securities. There should be no Directors or employee receive the aforementioned allotted securities more than (five) 5%.
  3. Evaluation of its own performance, the Nomination and Compensation Committee 1 time per year for presentation to the Board of Directors.
  4. Annually prepare performance yearly report to the Board of Directors and shareholders’ meeting.
  5. To revise the Charter of the Nomination and Compensation Committee 1 time per year as necessary and appropriate
  6. To perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors and law regulations or as necessary and appropriate.
Nominating and Compensating Committee Charter Download
No. Name Position
1 Mr. Teeradej Jarutangtrong Chairman of Risk Management Committee
2 Mr. Boonchai Suwanvutthiwat Risk Management Committee
3 Mr. Pornsak Chunhajinda Risk Management Committee
4 Asst. Prof. Dr. Suluck Pattarathammas Risk Management Committee

Authorities Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Determine the risk management policy and propose to the Board of Directors for consideration of the risk management as a whole;
  2. Regulatory and review strategic policy and practices to ensure appropriateness and efficiency of the Company’s strategy and risk management process and covering all kinds of risks, including the supervision of the risk management process and risk follow-up;
  3. Systematically and continuously evaluate and analyze risks which may occur to ensure the business operation coverage of the risk survey as well as to have authorization to appoint the working group to evaluate and follow the overall risks of the Company;
The Charter of Risk Management Committee Download


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