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Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policy

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Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Policy

  • The first priority policy is to have Safety and Healthy made throughout our employees. Employees have to follow and good practice upon this policy with strong commitment in term of job duty and general action.
  • The company put in place a management system of safety, occupational health and environment in workplace that match the standard set forth by the laws.
  • The company set up safety manual and gave to all employees as guideline to be individually and strictly followed.
  • The company encouraged all of its employees to participate in the company's safety and occupational health projects and to give opinions on the improvement of their working environment and safety in workplace.
  • The company supported any initiatives that would improve working environment, working condition, and safety in the workplace by arranging adequate safety tools and educating its workers on the issue of occupational safety.
  • The company supported any activities that would embed the safety mindset to all of its workers.
  • The company constantly tracked the result of the policy and guideline aforementioned.


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