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The Board of Directors has determined the Internal Audit division to report directly to the Audit Committee and to the Chief Executive Officer. In this regard, the Director of Internal Audit shall take the role of the Audit Committee’s Secretary in performing the annual internal audit activities of the Company and its subsidiaries that have been approved by the Audit Committee to achieve targets. However, the Internal Audit Department should report operating performance and present advices or significant short coming to Audit Committee on a quarterly basis and also report to the quarterly audit results to the Board of Directors, and lastly monitor management to improve and correct those outstanding shortcomings.

Director of Internal Audit

In the Audit Committee’s meeting No. 2/2014 held on 27 February 2014 has appointed Miss. Kamolphopphan Puapansakul, Chief Internal Audit Officer, as the head of Internal Audit Department and Audit Committee Secretary. She had been appointed as the Head of Internal Audit since April 2008. She was scholarly qualified, was experienced in Finance and Accounting professions, had long worked in the area of internal audit for the Company, and was well knowledgeable in the activities and operations of the Company. The Audit Committee agreed that Miss Kamolphopphan Puapansakul was well-qualified to appropriately and sufficiently assume the aforementioned role.

In addition, consideration and approval the audit plan, an appointment, deprivation and evaluation and compensation of the head of Internal Audit Division must be approved (or agreed) by the audit committees.

Remark: Miss Kamolphopphan Puapansakul, the formerly name is Nutchomkorn Puapansakul


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