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Important changes and Developments

Phol Dhanya Public Company Limited or "the Company" was registered and established on January 4, 1961 with the initial objective to distribute grain and agricultural products. The Company had halted its operation for a certain period till 1979 when Mr. Chavalit Wangthamrong managed the Company's operation and changed its business mission to the distribution of occupational health, safety, and environment products.

Important development of the Company can be summarized as follows:

In 2016

The Extraordinary General Meeting no. 1/2016 has resolved to increase the Company’s registered capital to Baht 251 million by issuing new ordinary shares, 40.50 million shares to the existing shareholders of the Company according to their shareholding position (Rights Offering), 40.50 million shares to support the exercise of warrants (PHOL-W1) and 8 million shares to support the rights adjustment of ESOP warrant allotted to Board of Director and employee of the Company (ESOP-Warrant).

In 2015

The Company negotiated to acquire the Subsidiary, Pholdhanya (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. The remaining 30 percent of paid-up capital shares at a price of 1 baht, due to the operating result reported loss. The value of investments was accounted 100 percent. The Company plans to expand its field of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Products, due to the potential of the market growing, apart from the water treatment products.

In 2014

The resolution of Annual General Meeting 2014 approved to increase ordinary share capital 27,000,000 shares at par value of Baht 1 each from the existing share capital of Baht 135 Million to Baht 162 Million in order to reserve for the stock dividend to the shareholders.
The Company has established the subsidiary, Phol Water Co., Ltd. To operate in water treatment by providing an all-rounded services, including distribution, engineering design, construction and maintenance services for both the public and the private sector. The value of investments was accounted 99.99 percent of its registered capital of Baht 10 million.

In 2013

The company established Pholdhanya (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. to distribute the Water treatment products with the value of investments was accounted 70 percent of its registered capital of Riel 1,200 million (approximately USD 300,000 or Baht 9.5 million baht)
The company established Phol Palladium Co., Ltd to distribute occupational health and safety products to government agencies, with the value of investments was accounted 99.99% of its registered capital of 1 million baht

In 2012

The company established its branch in Muang district, Phuket Province to take advantages of the business growth in the area and expand its distribution channels. The branch was designed to be the showroom and office. In addition, the company expanded its business into Myanmar by establishing Aekar Co.,Ltd as its authorized distributor, emphasizing on in selling water treatment products and some of its occupational health and safety products
The company has been certified the Occupational Health & Safety Management System OHSAS 18001: 2007.

In 2011

The company increased its investment in PD Genesis Engineering Co., Ltd of Baht 8.5 million, increasing its investment in subsidiaries to Baht 11.5 million or 76.67% of total investment.

In 2010

The Company received an approval to be a listed company on the mai under the medium-sized enterprise sector with the trading symbol of "PHOL" and started its trading in the mai on December 9, 2010. The Company received a certificate of quality standard of ISO 9001: 2008 from UKAS & GLOBAL.
The Company bought a plot of land with building in Muang District, Rayong province at Baht 3.9 million as its new branch office and storage to replace its former Rayong branch. This was to serve the business expansion. It was officially operated on November 4, 2010.

In 2009

The Company expanded its investment in business concerning environment products with the cooperation with business partner and established PD Genesis Engineering Co, Ltd. ("Subsidiary") in order to design, assemble, and distribute good and waste water treatment system for recycling, etc. with the investment value of Baht 3 million, accounting for 60% of the total registered capitals of Baht 5 million.

In 2008

The Company had become a public company limited and registered with an increase of capital from Baht 95 million to Baht 135 million to serve the Initial Public Offer (IPO), and changed the par value from Baht 5 to Baht 1, then submitted for the issuance of new shares to the Securities and Exchange Commission and being enlisted in the mai on November 7, 2009. The Company was considered by the Board of Governors of the Stock exchange of Thailand that the Company's qualification was completed as stipulated in the regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand of listing of securities on the Market for Alternative Investment, except for the dissemination of the individual shareholding and the appointment of the registrar on November 3, 2008. However, the Company decided to postpone its securities issuance due to unfavorable situation. The Company also received the certificate of quality standard of ISO 9001: 2000 from UKAS & GLOBAL.

In 2007

The Company had improved its corporate structure to serve the future expansion and being enlisted in the Stock Exchange of Thailand with the objective to operate the business under the name "Phol Dhanya" only. The transfer of business of other companies which had the same business under the some of the shareholder groups and executives of the Company consisted. In addition, the Company had restructured the Company by the disposal of 20% investment in CSG Solution Co., Ltd., of which the business was the distribution of telecommunication frequency speculation equipments which was not related to the main business of the Company, to an outsider. The disposal of the investment was to serve the future expansion. In October 2007, the Company had moved its office to the present office which consists of the headquarter building and the storage building.

In 2005

The Company expanded its oversea investment by holding shares of 25% in Aegle Alliance Pte. Ltd. in Singapore which had registered capitals of SGD 750,000 with the business objective of being a Holding Company in order to invest in business of distribution of occupational health, safety, and environment products in China. In 2006, Aegle Alliance Pte. Ltd. invested in business of distribution of occupational health, safety, and environment products in Aegle Safety Equipment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., in China.


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