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Message from the Chairman

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Prof. Dr. Pronchai Chunhajinda
Chairman of the Board

The overall economic landscape in 2016 suggested a more positive outcome compared with that of the year before, despite its being a gradual expansion. There are a number of supporting factors for domestic economy mainly from the economic stimulus measures and the government’s investment policy. On the global scale, even the overall outlook of the world economy seems to have a certain extent of growth, many countries are still facing an economic slowdown. Meanwhile, the domestic manufacturing sector that is related to distribution of occupational safety, health and environment products and control environment products has remained quite stable. With this, the Company has reviewed the strategic direction by way of expanding sales regions, enlarging customer base, developing products and services in order to maintain the Company’s operating performance to be in a satisfactory level.

On the other hand, due to the number of incoming projects and because several projects must be delivered in the same period of time, the Company is facing a challenge regarding human resource and shortage of labor force for the water treatment business which has continued to generate consistent growth and revenue. Consequently, this has caused delayed delivery for certain projects, leading to liabilities from delay charges. According to the consolidated statement of financial position of 2016, sales revenue stood at 1,097.99 million Baht, increasing by 183.09 million Baht or 20.01% compared with 2015. Provisional liabilities of 56.51 million Baht must be booked, resulting in a net loss for the company of 15.25 million Baht. Nevertheless, the Company is not taking this lightly and is actively executing corrective measures for this issue. Despite this, the Company is still confident in the growth opportunities for the water treatment business and is of strong belief that with the Company’s potential and determination, human resources and teams’ expertise can be developed in order to enable effective project management, so that the water treatment business can become a revenue generating business for the Company in the future.

In 2016, the Board of Directors and top executives mutually identified strategic directions over the next 3 years, with the key focus on alignment with the vision, which is to be a sustainable premier company in innovative solutions for Safety, Health, Environment (SHE) and related businesses to serve Thai and AEC customers by 2020. The key rational behind this vision involves human resource development, grooming professionalism in safety, health and water business for staff members which is one of the critical factors driving business growth, as well as improvement of internal processes, informational technology system to be effective and to enable the Company’s growth in the near future.

Apart from striving for economic returns, the Company also emphasizes on achieving sustainable growth and operating the business under the principle of good governance. In 2016, the Company has been rated “Excellence” in the corporate governance performance evaluation for the second consecutive year by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD). In terms of anti-corruption, the Company had announced its intention to join force with the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption to the CAC committee, and got certified to be a member of the CAC on October 14, 2016. Furthermore, the Company also participated in the Corporate Sustainability Advisory Program in 2016, which is a collaboration among the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) and Sustainable Business Development Institute. In this regard, the Company was one of the five mai listed companies selected to develop sustainable management potential according to the Global Reporting Initiative. In 2016, the Company prepared the Sustainability Report which marked the first time that it was separated from the Annual Report, in order for stakeholders to acknowledge sustainable management practices and the Company’s operating performance regarding social and environmental responsibilities.

On behalf of Phol Dhanya Public Company Limited’s Board of Directors, we would like to express gratitude to shareholders, clients, partners and all groups of stakeholders for your kind trust and continuous support for the Company’s operations all along. More importantly, we would like to thank the directors, executives, and staff members for taking part in driving the success of the Company. Please be assured of our determination in developing the organization and growth to generate continuous returns to shareholders under the principle of good governance for maximum and fair benefits to all groups of stakeholders.