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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ekachidd Chungcharoen
Chairman of the Board

The overall outlook of the Thai economy has continuously improved in 2017, with facilitative factors on economic policy, government investment and economic recovery of several partner countries, enabling the expansion of the manufacturing factor for domestic consumption and export in almost every industrial group. This also had positive impact on the Company’s core business in Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Products, coupled with the Company’s strategy that can accommodate such an expansion. Thus, revenue generated from sales and service provision in Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Products grew by 4.05% in 2017 and that of the Control Environment Products grew by 25.74% compared with 2016.

However, 2017 was another year that the Company still encountered the impact from the delayed construction of the community tap water project that continued on from 2016, forcing the Company to bear the delay charges and additional cost in accelerating the completion of the project, leading to a loss in the consolidated financial statement of 117.48 million Baht, which the Company has taken corrective actions immediately. Besides, the Board of Directors together with the management have been closely monitoring the progress and declared the intention that the Company will not be taking on new water treatment projects until all the pending projects are completely delivered. Furthermore, the Company received kind cooperation from the Board of Directors, the management and employees in their efforts to reduce expenses so that the overall operating performance got affected as little as possible and the situation could be resumed to normal as soon as possible.

Apart from operating the business to generate economic returns, sustainable development is also a key focus, whereby the Company places great emphasis on operating the business under the principle of good governance, encouraging the Board of Directors, the management and employees to abide by the Corporate Governance and Anti-Corruption Policies. In 2017, the Company got assessed “Excellent” in the corporate governance rating for the third consecutive year from the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD).

On behalf of Phol Dhanya PCL, we would like to thank shareholders, customers, partners and all stakeholders for collaboratively supporting the Company’s operations all along, and gratitude is also extended to the Board of Directors, the management and employees for their physical and mental dedication, getting through obstacles and supporting the achievement of success for the Company. Please be ensured that it is the Company’s ultimate goal to achieve sustainable growth via sustainable development activities, under the principle of corporate governance for fair and maximum benefits of all stakeholders.


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